Encouragement Stickers

Encouragement Stickers

As the new year approaches, I’ve been reflecting on my harp studio.

What went well this year?

What needs improvement?

I have some students who struggle to find a consistent practice schedule. I began to research for music practice journals, worksheets, logbooks, etc. Anything that would help guide them in the right direction. Short of reading them the riot act, or playing bad cop, I think I’ve exhausted my arsenal of tools.

I needed a bigger arsenal. In my research I stumbled across these “parent encouragement stickers” that the parent can give to the child as a way of saying “love it, keep it up!” WHILE they are practicing. In other words, it’s a little something the parent can do to give instant positive feedback.

I liked them so much, I made my own. If you want to give yourself a sticker for encouragement, or your a parent of a child who is studying, download this PDF and print them today. Use Avery’s 5160 template and it should come out beautifully.

Have fun giving little moments of encouragement that go a LONG way!


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