Harp Arrangements

Elizabeth accepts requests to do special harp arrangements at any time for any piece, difficulty level, and range of strings (lever or pedal). 

This is a common practice to request arrangements from musicians for all sorts of work. Elizabeth only specializes in harp arrangements. The cost depends on the arrangement needed and length of arrangement.



A) Lead Sheet only (treble clef only with chord symbols): $20

C) Full arrangement (treble and bass clef) with no fingerings: $30

D) Full arrangement (treble and bass clef) with fingerings: $40

What you receive: 

A digital file (PDF) of the music upon completion. May not be re-sold or copied by another person. You will receive music that works with your specifications: difficulty level, lever or pedal, range of strings. You may receive one free re-work. In other words, if you do not like the arrangement that you've received and would like something slightly different, you may make a request for changes free of charge once. Any changes beyond that are an extra $5 per request. 

Please reach out with any questions or concerns!