Elizabeth teaching a harp student how to play harp

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Harp lessons for students are taught weekly from Elizabeth’s studio in Longwood, Florida, and Online via Skype or FaceTime. Her studio is located just minutes away from Orlando, Florida. See below for materials to get started with lessons.

1 Hour Lesson = $45.00

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Ages 5 to adult are welcome to begin harp lessons. Previous musical experience is not necessary to begin lessons.

For children, the study of a musical instrument such as the harp is an invaluable addition to a child’s education by developing self-esteem, memory, motor skills, and creativity. Children can improve and enhance their future immeasurably by gaining understanding of the structure and beauty of music

As an Orlando and Online harp teacher, my goal is to assist each student in accomplishing their individual goals. Whatever your goals are, even if it’s just to play the harp for yourself at home, it’s never too late to try something you’ve always wanted to try!

Don’t own a harp? That’s okay! Let me help you find a harp to rent.

Also see “A Harp to Fit Your Needs” to gain a better understanding of harps and which one is best for you.


Musical instrument

Music stand

Appropriate/adjustable bench A kitchen chair or other chair is completely appropriate, nothing fancy needed. For those looking to get adjustable, I recommend the link attached.

Tuner (External)

Tuner (App for Android)

Tuner (App for Apple)

Tuning key


Notebook for lesson notes

Enthusiasm to learn!


Lesson Material:

“On Playing the Harp” by Yolanda Kondonassis. This book is a great overview including a brief history of the harp, technique, how to sit and play the instrument, and exercises for all levels.

“Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory”. This book is great for anyone needing to learn how to read music for the first time, or a refresher in music theory.

“Harp Exercises for Agility and Speed” by Deborah Friou. This book is a good exercise book for beginners as well as general warm-ups for any harpist.

"Small Tunes for Young Harpists” by Bonnie Goodrich. This book an excellent beginner harp book with easy tunes for the harpist to learn and build confidence with note learning and rhythm.

“A Bouquet for Young Harpists” by Bonnie Goodrich. This is another great beginner harp book. It is slightly more challenging than the Small Tunes by the same author which makes it a great accompanying study book.


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