Hone your Craft

Hone your Craft

I’ve always said YES to every gig that came my way. I entered the gigging world one summer break in high school.

Once at Webster University, in St. Louis, I met like-minded individuals starting to network and gig in the music community. I continued to say YES to every gig and was finding my energy and focus failing.

My harp teacher at Webster gave me the best advice that I would take with me throughout my career. She said saying YES to every gig would waste valuable time while attending uni. (My adult self says *duh*) Focusing on my studies and practicing while at uni enabled me to hone my craft and focus on becoming a better musician. The gigs would be there upon graduation.

I was forced into a moment of reflection and practice this year with COVID. While the gigs weren’t coming in, I took the time to continue working on my craft. Taking these moments to become a better musician will make me better prepared to say yes to the gigs I want when they do return. Work hard now. The gigs will return. Hone your craft today.

What craft are you honing?

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