Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

So what’s the hardest thing that keeps you from getting your butt behind the harp to practice? 

Drumroll please....


And the answer overwhelmingly is... Imposter Syndrome.


Imposter Syndrome is basically the straight-up terrifying feeling of being called out as a massive fraud. 

The funny thing is, most people struggling with imposter syndrome don’t even know they have it!


So how can you tell?


In the past few days have you...


Looked at your harp and said “I’ll get to it later”, but don’t...

Notice that every time you think about practicing... you all of the sudden feel the urge to check FB...

Start dreaming of performing pieces and think “I’m not as good as so-and-so!”

Any of these sound familiar?

Imposter syndrome can show up in many different ways... don’t let these “excuses” sneak up on you and hold you back from practicing and doing your very best!

You’ve GOT to tell that voice to shove it! Because it’s time for you to show up and be the very best behind the harp, all the while believing you deserve this and your voice deserves to be heard. 

Are you ready to get out of your way and start practicing right now? 


Here are my 7 go-to methods for kicking Imposter Syndrome to the curb:


  1. Validate the feeling. Acknowledge what you are feeling and experiencing to be completely normal. What would you say to a friend going through this? You deserve the same empathy from yourself.


  2. Take the pressure off. Are the stakes really as high as you’re making them out to be? You are probably putting more pressure on yourself than is necessary. Give yourself permission to fail or say no. You will immediately feel the pressure lift. 


  3. Separate the facts from the stories. Write down all the stress-inducing thoughts running through your head on a piece of paper. Which of these are undisputed facts? Which are limiting beliefs? You may find that what’s keeping you from getting your butt behind the harp isn’t a real threat at all. If you struggle with discerning facts from scary stories, get an outside opinion. 


  4. Read and receive praise. Do you have a place where you keep notes of praise and positive testimonials? If you don’t, start one! Read through these as part of your daily morning routine and it will help put you in a great frame of mind.


  5. Reframe your thoughts. You may know the saying... “We are our own worst critic.” This is so true. This negative self-speak may unconsciously undermine your progress. Your daily mantra should uplift you, not bring you down! Get those negative thoughts on paper and rewrite them into positive mantras. “I’m never going to be as good as Jackie” becomes “I’m successful because I’m unique and have a passion for playing!” The trick is to make the statement believable. 


  6. Don’t make it all about you. Imposter Syndrome shines a spotlight on you and all your insecurities. The secret is, it’s not all about you. Why are you doing what you do? Who will benefit from your art? Focus on those who enjoy your playing, and how you can best serve them.


  7. Take the imperfect leap. As Winston S. Churchill reportedly said, “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.” Now that you’ve done the inner work, it’s time to take action. You know what you need to do. Take a small, imperfect leap!

I appreciate you and your harp journey! Share your love of music with others. Your gift brings smiles and joy to so many. 


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